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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Trip To My Awakening

 A little over a year ago I left my home in New Orleans, Louisiana to come visit my Turkish husband and his family here in Ankara, Turkey. It was only meant to be a 6 month visit until we managed to both arrive back to the USA together, but fate took another turn. Though we have the unfortunate delay of returning back to my country I have to admit it's been a major learning experience, which has given me the time for personal growth which I had never experienced before.

Since I have been in Turkey I have visited some remarkable places that have deeply moved my soul, and influenced me in life-changing ways. One can sense the history in the architecture and landscapes, feel the loving connection during the warm embraces of family and friends, and for those quiet moments when I'm sipping my tea on the balcony while watching the sunset hit the mountains and reflect gold off the buildings, I can feel a certain peace in my heart that makes me thank God for this life. Turkey is magical, mysterious, and en captured my heart.

I never took the time to stop, and focus on what could possibly enrich my life in a different way than the obvious. My life is already rich because of my faith, my husband, my daughters, and my family, but I mean in a way that gives me depth as a person. I never before stepped outside of the familiar, never stopped to learn a new skill or art form, and never took the time to look around me. I never saw the world for how truly wondrous it is because the world always seemed so small from my window. Silly huh? I didn't realize how vast the world was until I left my own doorstep, my own state, my own country, and even my own comfort level.

Now I know what I was lacking. I learned so much since I have come here, and gained so much from the skills I developed. I never pushed myself to better myself, and expand my mind until I came here and saw what the women could do. This is where the creation of Crimson Petal Couture all begins...
A Tsumami Kanzashi and Bead Embroidery Piece I created.

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