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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photography Wednesday!

As you may have noticed I completely skipped over Tutorial Tuesday. Yes, on behalf of my neglect I would like to apologize, and I promise to make it up next Tuesday!

On another note, since today is a lovely fresh Wednesday I would love to share some Photography with you that I find to be personally inspiring! Everyone loves beauty, and I believe these pieces would make an amazing edition to a home decor, possibly with an elegant French flare.

The Guest Typewriter Photograph Original by Sixthandmain

I fell in love with this Photograph when I first saw it browsing for a Treasury creation. The Guest Typewriter evokes strong sentations that can only be described as ' the blissful feeling one has when recalling a very fond memory'. The rich hues, soft light, and simplicity are stunning!

Elegance Fine art Photograph by Lori411

The title speaks a thousand words, and says everything! Elegance is yet another hidden gem among thousands found on Etsy! I find that there are many photographers that photograph flowers and trees, yet very few of them actually capture a moment that gives the picture life and words of its own.  This is truly a beauty I would love to adorn my own environment with!

The Foreigner-Traditional Chinese Portrait- Xaimen China 2009

This photograph holds a place very near and dear to my heart. Why? Because The Foreigner is my mother!

 This picture has a small story behind it as well. It was a very small studio in Xaimen China, and my mother was the first foreigner to ever be photographed there. She had moved to China to start a Foster Care for Orphaned Chinese girls, and to teach English. She had these photographs taken in the studio shortly after she arrived. The beauty of the work the studio does is amazing! The traditional clothing, the setting, and props are all artistically placed in a way that creates an atmosphere of historical ambience!


  1. Wow, great picks! I like the flower with the water drop the most :)

  2. What wonderful pictures! I love the first one the most. I have always wanted a vintage type writer...someday!

  3. Pictures really do speak a thousand words.
    I find the most simplistic to be the most
    inspiring of them all.

    I love the red of the chair (infact, this is my
    favorite color: burgandy, cranberry, sangria...)

    I love the typewriter & the idea of possesing
    an elegant, french feel.

    I look forward to reading & seeing more of your posts!

  4. wondrful post! thanks so much for your kind words & for featuring me on your lovely blog! and what an amazing story! your mother is beautiful & that photo is truly stunning! :)