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Have A Peek Through The Looking Glass


 I came to Ankara, Turkey from New Orleans, Louisiana in February 2009, and fell in love with the country! Ever since I have been here I have learned to create an extensive amount of handcrafts, such as, shuttle tatted lace , origami, handmade paper, kanzashi, Tambour and Zardosi embroidery, and various types of jewelry. I decided to open an Etsy store in October 2009 after learning that there was even an Etsy, but I didn't actually get around to opening up my store until June 2010. In that time I worked on ordering supplies to create my projects, and put together several pieces to open up with. Sadly things delayed due to lost and delayed shipments, but I guess thats how the cookie crumbles when one lives overseas.

 In the time that I'm not working for Crimson Petal Couture, I'm either tutoring English online or spending time with my husband. We met several years ago on myspace, low and behold we are now married after living 5000 miles apart for 2 years. Now that's long Distance! I have two absolutely beautiful, and sweet daughters, which are ages 9 and 10 years old. They grow so fast it amazes me! One minute they're little munchkins getting into anything and everything mischevious, and the next moment they're telling me things they learned from school that force me to realize they're not two anymore!

 That's the jest of our lives! Sweet, Simple, and Perfectly Cozy....