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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday! Just Thursday!

Welcome to 'Just Thursday' Thursday!  Today has been a somewhat productive day, yet, in a non-productive sort of way. I know that makes no sense, but here is my explanation. I planned on doing quite a lot today, as I have been spending entirely way too much time on twitter and Etsy. Yes, I am a tweet-aholic, and an Etsy addict. Please don't make me point out my own weaknesses, as that's not very nice. None, the less, it's true!

So, since I had planned on actually getting some work done, I managed to produce a rather nice Treasury for the Turkishteam on Etsy, which I am now a member of, as well as lengthen an advertisement for the promotion of our month long sale. Okay, that makes two tasks down, but what else did I do? I tweeted like a maniac, did some housework- which is not directly productive for my store, but it helps inspire me in a weird way, and ate a bit more ice cream than I needed in an attempt to cool off while I pined the rest of my evening away complaining of how hot I was. We have no A.C here. Yes, I am a baby when it comes to handling the heat, but at least it isn't as bad as the humid New Orleans heat.

So, since I wasn't as productive as I planned to be by creating things for my Etsy store, it pushed me to actually get something done today, and I managed to sketch out a piece for the Haute Couture Beading Contest ending in November. Therefor I was productive in a non-productive sort of way or rather, due to my non-productiveness I became slightly productive. I quite like the piece I will be creating, and I'm excited to get started! I think I may post some pictures during the process, but I'm undecided about that as I may keep it a complete surprise. Here's a hint!

On another note! I actually have an idea for a giveaway in the works. I think I may spend the next month working on a special giveaway prize, while meshing out the details of the giveaway. I love the idea of creating a OOAK piece for someone rather than something dsuplicated. It makes the giveaway even more special in my opinion. So, I guess I'll be sketching up something for that soon too!

Well, That's all for Just Thursday! I look forward to tomorrow as it's my very first Feature Friday!!! Yay!

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