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Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Mad Ravings Of An Angry Etsy Addict!

It's a frustrating night tonight as I am cut off from Etsy, and Twitter. The internet service provider here in Ankara, Turkey may be putting a countrywide ban on Google. They already banned Youtube and Dailymotion. Now I don't have access at all to my Etsy or Twitter? Is it merely a coincidence that I can't reach any of them all at once, or did Turkey ban them, too?

I really pray that I will be able to access Etsy and Twitter tomorrow or this will literally kill my business. I would have to call my mom in the USA, ask her to access my Etsy, and shut down my newly opened shop. I pray pray pray it's a fluke!

I'm pretty upset about this because I was even offered a chance to be reviewed and hold a giveaway on someone elses blog. It's amazing how quickly things rise and fall. I guess it opened my eyes though, that maybe I shouldn't put all my eggs in one big basket. I didn't even realize I had all my eggs in one basket!

Hopefully the ban doesn't pass here for Google, otherwise there will be a ton of protestors and walks in the citycenter. I can't say I wouldn't agree. This is a rediculous length to go, and it seriously oppresses the freedoms of the people. I like Atatürk, but not everyone will agree with one persons beliefs, or even like that person for that matter.

 So, why try to force every single person in a population to love someone by punishing all of them for the fact that one person made a cruel distatesteful comment? What good will it do other than anger the populace?! Most of the people here in Turkey love him and what he did for this country, but there will be some that don't. Are they not free to express their own verbal opinion?

I guess I am so use to the freedoms that my own country allows. If you do or don't like the president you have every right to say it to the public, and there won't be a ban where you announced it. I love the freedoms of my country, and things like this make me realize not to take those freedoms for granted!
It's Google! A search Engine!

I want my Etsy and Twitter back!

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